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Deadly Destinations: The House of Shattered Wings by Aliette de Bodard

September 2nd, 2015 @ 12:10 am
Posted by Kristie under Deadly Destinations Tags: , , , ,

Deadly Destinations 2015

Deadly Destinations travels to post-war Paris after the devastating Great Magicians’ War. We have a list of Do’s and Don’ts on how to survive in this troubled city. The House of Shattered Wings by Aliette de Bodard is a fantasy novel that explores this world in depth. It is the first novel in the Dominion of the Fallen series and it was released on August 18, 2015 from ROC/Penguin.


A Tourist’s Guide to How to Survive in Post-War Paris

The traveler fortunate enough to reach post-war Paris will find a wondrous city: ruined, to be sure, and a fraction of its former glory, but nevertheless a place where one can still find stupendous food, marvelous gardens, and glittering parties where the elite of the city entertain their friends and allies (and enemies).

Here are a few tips to help you to survive past your first night, and hopefully have a (reasonably) good time while you’re there.


Find lodgings at a House. Being a member of one of the main magical factions of Paris will immensely facilitate your life (not to mention provide you with food protection, and a roof over your head). The admission criteria are nebulous: if you are a member of a French or European House, you may be able to avail yourself of existing or old alliances. If you are a Fallen angel and/or skilled in the wielding of magic, you may be able to catch the eye of a House dependent. Generally, admissions are decided upon by the head of the House.

Pay your respects. It is customary for a new arrival to a House to have an interview with the head of the House upon arriving; if the opportunity is not offered by someone else, you will have to insist, as not doing it could be seen as a slight. Some Houses insist on protocol more than others: House Harrier (in the 15e arrondissement), for instance.

Keep your head down. Houses are ruthless and mostly run by Fallen: as befits former angels, Fallen are immortal, ageless, and have very long memories. In particular, the House of Hawthorn (in the Southwest, near the border of Paris with the suburbs) will never forget a slight against one of its dependents, and its head Asmodeus is well known for being implacable. The House Silverspires, on Ile de la Cité, will destroy anything and anyone in its path: it might be on the wane with founder Lucifer Morningstar’s disappearance, but it’s still not to be trifled with.

Be helpful to your hosts, but not too much. Post-war Paris is a fragile equilibrium between the various Houses: no one wishes to rekindle the magical conflagration that destroyed the city, but every House fights every other House for influence and power, and the alliances shift regularly. Visitors who are not proper dependents are considered expendable: do not get involved in intrigues you have no understanding of, as there is a possibility you might not come back.

The House of Shattered Wings


Be out after dark. We cannot understate how important this is, whether you are human, Fallen or something else altogether. Paris at night is the province of gangs, who set upon humans to rob them and upon Fallen to dismember them and sell their body parts on the black market for magic. The gangs aren’t the only Houseless in Paris, but no one will help you against them (perhaps not even your own House).

Linger on bridges. The war has had an unfortunate effect on the Seine: it runs black with the remnants of spells, and sends out tendrils to snatch the unwary  from bridges and quays, and drag them underwater. If you have to be anywhere near the river, run.

Visit the Grands Magasins. They were a wonderful tourist destination before the war, where you could find anything and everything for sale, whether from France, Europe or the colonies. However, with the war, they have been completely destroyed: to take just one example, the dome of the Galeries Lafayette is broken, every floor holds booby-traps, and the entire place is permeated with the screams of the dying–not to mention that the Grands Magasins are now in a Houseless area, and that it’s dangerous to visit them without proper backup.

Sample angel essence: the standard artifacts used to store Fallen magic are not a problem, but angel essence–distilled from ground angel bones–is an addictive drug that corrodes the lungs, and as little as one breath can set you on the road to ruin. It might sound attractive if you’re mortal, to have magic equal to the effortless one of a Fallen; or if you’re Fallen and seeking to replenish your own depleted reserves, but we would advise you to steer well clear of anything to do with essence.

(note that different Houses have different policies: essence is forbidden in House Silverspires, and more routinely used in House Hawthorn).

If you do survive your first week, chances are you have the right instincts in place. Paris is a great location to be if that’s the case–we wish you luck and joy, and hope that all goes for the best. (please note that we do not take responsibility if you fail to survive: Paris holds many traps for the unwary, and this is not an exhaustive guide to survival etiquette, merely a few helpful pointers. There is no right or wrong way: as House Silverspires would put it, whatever works is the right thing).


Aliette de BodardAbout Aliette:

Aliette de Bodard lives and works in Paris, where she has a day job as a System Engineer. She studied Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, but moonlights as a writer of speculative fiction. She is the author of the critically acclaimed Obsidian and Blood trilogy of Aztec noir fantasies, as well as numerous short stories, which garnered her two Nebula Awards, a Locus Award and a British Science Fiction Association Award. Forthcoming works include The House of Shattered Wings (August), a novel set in a turn-of-the-century Paris devastated by a magical war, and The Citadel of Weeping Pearls (October), a novella set in the same universe as her Vietnamese space opera On a Red Station Drifting. She lives in Paris with her family, in a flat with more computers than warm bodies, and a set of Lovecraftian tentacled plants intent on taking over the place

You can visit Aliette around the web here: Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook

Want to read more from Aliette de Bodard?

The House of Shattered WingsServant of the Underworld Harbinger of the Storm Master of the House of DartsOn a Red Station, DriftingThe Waiting Stars


The House of Shattered Wings

Available August 18, 2015 from ROC/Penguin

About this Book:

Multi-award winning author Aliette de Bodard, brings her story of the War in Heaven to Paris, igniting the City of Light in a fantasy of divine power and deep conspiracy…

In the late Twentieth Century, the streets of Paris are lined with haunted ruins. The Great Magicians’ War left a trail of devastation in its wake. The Grand Magasins have been reduced to piles of debris, Notre-Dame is a burnt-out shell, and the Seine has turned black with ashes and rubble and the remnants of the spells that tore the city apart. But those that survived still retain their irrepressible appetite for novelty and distraction, and The Great Houses still vie for dominion over France’s once grand capital.

Once the most powerful and formidable, House Silverspires now lies in disarray. Its magic is ailing; its founder, Morningstar, has been missing for decades; and now something from the shadows stalks its people inside their very own walls.

Within the House, three very different people must come together: a naive but powerful Fallen angel; an alchemist with a self-destructive addiction; and a resentful young man wielding spells of unknown origin. They may be Silverspires’ salvation—or the architects of its last, irreversible fall. And if Silverspires falls, so may the city itself.

Click HERE to read an excerpt

Order from


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Deadly Destinations: Serpentine by Cindy Pon

September 1st, 2015 @ 12:10 am
Posted by Kristie under Deadly Destinations Tags: , , , ,

Deadly Destinations 2015

Please welcome author Cindy Pon to Deadly Destinations! She is here to talk about her new novel, Serpentine. It is a young adult fantasy novel that is inspired by Chinese mythology and folklore. This novel is set in the ancient Kingdom of Xia. Serpentine will be released on September 8, 2105 from Month9Books!

**Enter to win a copy of Serpentine! This contest is U.S. only.**


Dark Faerie Tales: Can you start off by telling us about Serpentine and where you got the inspiration to write it?

Cindy: In my debut Silver Phoenix, a beautiful serpent demon disguised in her mortal form tries to lure away one of the characters. She was simply another monster in the novel, and I thought afterward, what if the “monster” had a story? The story of Medusa from Greek mythology has always fascinated me as well, and I wanted to explore the idea of women as “monstrous beauties”.  Much of the setting within a rich manor is inspired by the Chinese classic Dream of the Red Chamber.

DFT: You are a part of We Need Diverse Books which has grown into quite a popular program among the reading world. Was it important to you to add diversity to your book, Serpentine? (I noticed it, for sure, it was refreshing.)

Cindy: Yes! I’m honored to be part of the advisory board for We Need Diverse Books. But before that, I had been working with Malinda Lo on Diversity in YA for some years already. So the passion to push for more inclusive stories has been something I’ve been fighting for and raising awareness of for almost half a decade! I would say that it is very important to me to write inclusive stories. All of my published novels have featured basically all Asian casts.

DFT: Serpentine is your third published novel. How does it defer from your first book, Silver Phoenix? What is similar and what did you try to approach differently?

Cindy: There are similarities in that I am always drawn to the world of gods and demons, and find much inspiration from mythos. The serpent demon is a temptress of lore. But when I set out to write Serpentine, I knew that I wanted to feature a very strong female friendship, which had been lacking in my other two novels. I also wanted to concentrate on character and relationships more.

DFT: There’s plenty of Chinese lore and myths that come into play in this story. How was your research process (if you had one)?

Cindy: Much of my research on mythos and lore were through writing my previous Xia novels. For Serpentine, I read up more on Chinese houses and how they were built, and some of the rituals and superstitions that came with the architecture. Because much of Serpentine takes place within the Yuan estate.


DFT: I found that your writing was very lush and detailed, very well capturing the scenes that you were trying to convey. Have you been to China or did you describe it off photos/research?

Cindy: Thank you so much! I had never been to China until last June (2014). And I had written Silver Phoenix, Fury of the Phoenix, and Serpentine well before that trip. To help with research, I did buy a lot of huge coffee books that showed the many landscapes of China to give me a visual sense. I am a very visual person, being a Chinese brush painter as well. So I’m inspired by actual scenes for certain. This comes across in my writing, I think.

DFT: The main character in this story has the name Skybright, something out of the norm among Zhen Ni, Lan, and other traditional Chinese names. What was your goal in this unique naming?

Cindy: As I mentioned earlier, Dream of the Chamber definitely inspired Serpentine and its setting in a rich manor. I lifted many of the handmaid’s names straight from that classic. Skybright, Oriole, and Nightingale were actual handmaid names from that book. When I came across the name Skybright from Dream of the Red Chamber, I was taken with it immediately. This was some years ago.

DFT: This story has a big focus on the friendship between Skybright and her mistress, just as big as the romantic relationship. Did you have any close friends that influenced your depiction of those two? 

Cindy: Not really. I think their relationship is unique in that there is a differential in power dynamics and class (Zhen Ni being the mistress and Skybright the handmaid). But I’ve certainly had many very wonderful female friendships that I’m grateful for.

DFT: Since we are featuring deadly destinations during this event what do you think is the deadliest place in the world you created?

Cindy: Definitely the underworld, inspired by the Chinese version of hell.

DFT: If you could visit one place in the kingdom of Xia where would it be and why?

Cindy: The Mountain of Heavenly Peace where the immortals dwell.

DFT: Can you tell us anything about what your next project is or what you are currently working on?

Cindy: Serpentine’s sequel, which will be out Fall 2016!


Serpentine Tour Schedule

Week 1:

8/31/2015- Good Choice Reading– Guest Post

9/1/2015- Dark Faerie Tales Interview

9/2/2015- Fiktshun– Guest Post

9/3/2015- Two Chicks on Books– Guest Post

9/4/2015- Novel Novice– Interview

Week 2:

9/7/2015- Once Upon A Twilight– Guest Post

9/8/2015- Chapter by Chapter– Interview

9/9/2015- Magical Urban Fantasy Reads– Guest Post

9/10/2015- Mundie Moms– Review

9/11/2015- Page Turners Interview


cindypon_highres-200x300About Cindy:

Cindy Pon is the author of Silver Phoenix (Greenwillow, 2009), which was named one of the Top Ten Fantasy and Science Fiction Books for Youth by the American Library Association’s Booklist, and one of 2009?s best Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror by VOYA. The sequel to Silver Phoenix, titled Fury of the Phoenix, was released in April 2011. Serpentine, the first title in her next Xia duology, will be published by Month9Books in September 2015. She is the co-founder of Diversity in YA with Malinda Lo and on the advisory board of We Need Diverse Books. Cindy is also a Chinese brush painting student of over a decade.

You can visit Cindy around the web here: Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook

Tumblr | Instagram

Want to read more from Cindy Pon?

SerpentineSilver Phoenix Fury of the Phoenix



This giveaway is provided by Month9Books

1 winner will receive a signed hardcover of SERPENTINE and brush art painting card.
(US Only)


3 winners will receive a signed paperback of SERPENTINE and brush art painting card.
(US Only)


Available September 8, 2015 from Month9Books

About this Book:

SERPENTINE is a sweeping fantasy set in the ancient Kingdom of Xia and inspired by the rich history of Chinese mythology.

Lush with details from Chinese folklore, SERPENTINE tells the coming of age story of Skybright, a young girl who worries about her growing otherness. As she turns sixteen, Skybright notices troubling changes. By day, she is a companion and handmaid to the youngest daughter of a very wealthy family. But nighttime brings with it a darkness that not even daybreak can quell.

When her plight can no longer be denied, Skybright learns that despite a dark destiny, she must struggle to retain her sense of self – even as she falls in love for the first time.

“Vivid worldbuilding, incendiary romance, heart-pounding action, and characters that will win you over–I highly recommend Serpentine.” Cinda Williams Chima, best-selling author of the Seven Realms and Heir Chronicles fantasy novels

“Serpentine is unique and surprising, with a beautifully-drawn fantasy world that sucked me right in! I love Skybright’s transformative power, and how she learns to take charge of it.” ~Kristin Cashore, NYT Bestseller of the Graceling Realm Series

“Serpentine’s world oozes with lush details and rich lore, and the characters crackle with life. This is one story that you’ll want to lose yourself in.” ~ Marie Lu, New York Times bestselling author of Legend and The Young Elites

Click HERE to read an excerpt

Order from


Read the rest of this entry »

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Review: Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton

September 1st, 2015 @ 12:02 am
Posted by Zed under Review Tags: , , , , ,

SeekerTitle: Seeker

Author: Arwen Elys Dayton

Genre: YA Fantasy

Series: Seeker (Book #1)

Publication Date: February 10, 2015

Format: Hardcover, 448 Pages

ISBN-10: 0385744072 (Random House)

ISBN-13: 978-0385744072 (Random House)

Reviewed by: Zed


The night Quin Kincaid takes her Oath, she will become what she has trained to be her entire life. She will become a Seeker. This is her legacy, and it is an honor.

As a Seeker, Quin will fight beside her two closest companions, Shinobu and John, to protect the weak and the wronged. Together they will stand for light in a shadowy world.

And she’ll be with the boy she loves–who’s also her best friend. But the night Quin takes her Oath, everything changes.

Being a Seeker is not what she thought. Her family is not what she thought. Even the boy she loves is not who she thought. And now it’s too late to walk away.

Quick & Dirty: Too much world-building, narrative and alternating points of view made this a depressingly tedious read.

Opening Sentence: It would be nice to make it through alive, Quin thought.

Excerpt: Yes

The Review:

As this is the first book in the series, I expected a fair amount of world-building but not so much that it bored me, which unfortunately is exactly what this book did. As much as I tried to give it the benefit of doubt, I did not enjoy this read and I can’t imagine myself wanting to read the subsequent books in the Seeker series.

The story is told through the points of views of Quin, John, Shinobu, Maud and I’m sure there were a few others too. I usually like different perspectives to a story but here I felt like I was jumping from one event to another as opposed to the story flowing through but being seen from different angles.

Don’t get me wrong, the characters were interesting enough, there was a teensy bit of humour too but the story was so dull and depressing. From the start there just seemed to be an ominous atmosphere and it really did not improve. Quin has trained her whole life to be a seeker but she has no idea what she has gotten into until there’s too much blood on her hands to wipe off.

“I don’t want to bring you any more trouble,” she whispered, leaning her head nearer to his. “If you get me off the Bridge, you’ll be rid of me. I promise.”
“I’ve been trying to get rid of you a long while,” he told her, looking away. “You won’t stay gone.”

Quin appeared to be a strong enough girl to begin with, but her depression after she’s committed her seeker assignments and then her eagerness to have her memory erased so she can start a new life was pure cowardice. Adding to that, her ridiculous obsession with John was pathetic. How could she possibly believe she was in love with him when he had been keeping humongous secrets from her the entire time?

John irritated me with his quest to avenge his family but I can see why he might be mentally disturbed since as a child he witnesses his mother being tortured and killed. That kind of thing must have had addled his brain, which semi-explains his craziness and the way he justifies killing people for the greater good.

The only characters I did like were Shinobu and Master Tan, probably because they’re the only ones that added a bit of humour to the story. The book would have been far easier to read if there were more chapters with them around.

“You make a good punching bag, Sea Bass,” Shinobu told him as he pulled the big fellow to his feet. “But she’s not my girlfriend.”
“Whatever you say, Barracuda. I’m always getting into knife fights for girls who are just good friends.”
“She’s my cousin-third cousin. Well, half third cousin.”
Brian groaned deeply as he managed to get fully upright. “What’s a third cousin?”
“It’s a… barely related kind of person, Sea Bass, who still thinks of herself as your relative.”
“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.”

Overall, I was not impressed and I don’t imagine wanting to continue this series.

Notable Scene:

Silence fell between them, until the Young Dread finally dared to ask, “Were you a great mind, Master?”

A real smile crossed his face. “You don’t ask if I am a great mind, child? Because I speak gibberish now? Let me tell you-I once thought I was a great mind.”

“And now?”

“Now it does not matter. Great minds are not what’s wanted. Only good hearts. Good hearts choose wisely.”

“How does one find a good heart?”

“It is luck, child. Always luck. With you, I have been very lucky.”

Seeker Series:

  1. 1. Seeker

2. Traveler (January 12, 2016)


FTC Advisory: Delacorte Press/Random House provided me with a copy of Seeker. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.


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Review: Deadly Spells by Jaye Wells

September 1st, 2015 @ 12:01 am
Posted by Steph under Review Tags: , , , ,

Deadly SpellsTitle: Deadly Spells

Author: Jaye Wells

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Series: Prospero’s War (Book #3)

Publication Date: February 10, 2015

Format: Paperback, 400 Pages

ISBN-10: 0316228427 (Orbit)

ISBN-13: 978-0316228428 (Orbit)

Reviewed by: Steph


After the grisly murder of a dirty magic coven leader, Kate Prospero and The Magical Enforcement Agency team up with the local police to find the killer. But as the infighting between covens turns ugly, an all-out war brews in the slums of Babylon.

When a tenacious reporter sticks her nose in both the investigation and Prospero’s past in the covens, old ghosts resurface. The team will have to use all the weapons in their arsenal to stop the coven war and find the killer before the case brings down all their careers – and their lives.

Deadly Spells is the third novel in the Prospero’s War series that started with Dirty Magic and Cursed Moon!

Quick & Dirty: A coven war is brewing, and the MEA is running out of time to stop it in this thrilling installment in the Prospero’s War series.

Opening Sentence: There was a body in the church.

Excerpt: Yes

The Review:

Things have been quiet the past few months for Kate Prospero and the MEA task force. That all changes when they’re called in to assist on a particularly grisly murder scene. Kate immediately recognizes the victim – the leader of the Votary coven. All the evidence points to the leader of the rival coven, the Sangs, but it’s all a little too convenient for Kate to believe. As the MEA digs deeper, they find ties to a dangerous cartel as well as newly elected mayor John Volos. None of the evidence is strong enough for a solid case though, and time is growing short as tensions continue to rise among the covens. The MEA needs to work fast in order to avoid an all out coven war. Will they be able to find the real murderer in time?

This is turning into a really solid series for me. The books thus far have been fast paced, full of action as well as spots of humor to lighten the mood, and the characters are fantastic. I’m happy to say this book didn’t vary from that pleasant formula. I was interested in the plot from page one, and my interest didn’t wane at any point in time. What more can you ask for?

I really love the character of Kate. I’ve mentioned in reviews of previous books how I greatly enjoy her interactions with her brother, and that doesn’t change here. Danny has done some growing up, and it’s great to see how his and Kate’s relationship is progressing now that some secrets have been revealed. Kate also does some soul searching in this installlment, and it’s interesting to see how much she’s grown already from the person she was in book one. She’s learning how to not let her past hold her down and prevent her from becoming the cop she’s meant to be. It’s really awesome to see that much development in just three books.

I find myself very curious to see what Wells’ end game is for Volos. He keeps popping up, and while it’s obvious he still has feelings for Kate, his actions keep her from feeling anything but scorn for him, so I’m not so sure he’s going to become a love interest. At the same time, I’m not positive he’s going to become a villain either. I can’t wait to see what else his character has in store for Kate (and the readers).

Once again, this installment is light on the romance, although there is a little here. The tension between Kate and Morales is cranking up, and I find myself really loving every scene they have together. This is still mainly urban fantasy though, so those who crave a strong romance storyline in their books may want to look elsewhere.

All in all, this was another very satisfying installment in this series. Those who enjoyed the first two books definitely won’t be disappointed. I’m very much looking forward to book 4!

Notable Scene:

Puck slowly tore the card into pieces. Several of his cronies chuckled. “We don’t help traitors.”

“Suit yourself,” I said. “But let me make one thing clear.” I looked out over the assembled crowd to make sure I had their attention. “Your cousin,” I said, referring to Volos, “has the entire BPD on alert for a coven war. They’ll come down hard on anyone caught even looking at a rival coven the wrong way.” I looked at Puck again. “If I hear about any of your guys making any more moves against Harry Bane or his crew, we will be back with warrants and lots of guys with big guns.”

Puck laughed. “You do that.”

“I mean it, Puck. No war.”

He leaned forward and snapped his teeth at my face.

“Easy,” Morales growled.

Ignoring my partner, Puck whispered, “That’s the tricky thing about a war, Detective.” He held up a finger like a gun and pulled the invisible trigger. “Lots of stray bullets and collateral damage. Never know who will get caught in the crossfire.”

I grabbed his finger and twisted it until he fell to his knees on the ground. The crowd moved forward, but Morales drew his gun to halt their advance. The blonde stood to the side glaring bullets at me.

I leaned down and looked into the pained eyes of the cocky asshole who’d just threatened me. “Your  mouth is declaring wars your ass can’t win.” His finger cracked under the pressure. He didn’t yell out in pain, but his jaw tightened and his eyes watered. “I might not be a member of this coven anymore, but I learned everything I know from a ruthless son of a bitch named Abraxas Prospero. If you come after me, I will end you.”

With that, I released his broken finger. “Let’s go,” I said to Morales and marched away without another glance.

It wasn’t until we were both outside and the door slammed behind us that Morales finally spoke. “So that went well.”

Prospero’s War:

1. Dirty Magic

2. Cursed Moon

2.5 Fire Water

3. Deadly Spells


FTC Advisory: Orbit provided me with a copy of Deadly Spells. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.

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Deadly Destinations: MARY: Unleashed by Hillary Monahan

August 31st, 2015 @ 12:10 am
Posted by Kristie under Deadly Destinations Tags: , , , ,

Deadly Destinations 2015

Deadly Destinations is journeying to the creepy and scary Hockomock Swamp. If you want a scare this is the place to go. Cody Jackson from Hillary Monahan’s Bloody Mary series is here to tell you why you should stay away. MARY: Unleashed is a young adult horror novel. It is the second novel in the Bloody Mary series. MARY: Unleashed will be released on September 8, 2015 from Disney-Hyperion.

**Enter to win a copy of MARY: Unleashed! This contest is U.S. only.**


Going into the Hockomock Swamp at night is stupid, and I’m not stupid, so I don’t go.  Hundreds of years ago, King Philip’s War was fought there.  Thousands of people died, Wampanoag Native Americans and English settlers alike, and when they died, they didn’t go wherever it was dead people are supposed to go.  They became part of that bloody land. Spirits are bad enough to contend with, but angry spirits are a whole other kettle of fish, and the Hockomock Swamp is full of angry spirits. They want to hurt you. Worse, they know how to do it.  From the punishing flora to the quicksand to the packs of wild dogs, the swamp has an arsenal and its big gun is the fog.

Don’t let the fog catch you.

It roils, tendrils of green branching out from inside the gray, wisping over the land far faster than any normal fog will.  It’s low to the ground and its reach is wide. I’ve seen it in passing a few times, when I’ve ridden my bike by Flaggy Meadow, and I knew enough to keep right on riding as fast as my legs would carry me. It had killed all the grass it touched.  Sapling, shrubs—those died beneath its touch, too.  The bigger trees withstood it, but not the small scale stuff. That just turns black and shrivels.

Mary The SummoningMARY Unleashed

Oh, and have I mentioned it screams?  Because it does.  The fog screams.  If you get too close to it—and I highly recommend you don’t get too goddamned closed to it—you can hear the voices inside. It’s a chorus of the displaced, of the killed-too-soon, of those lost when the fog grabbed them and pulled them in and refused to let them go.  It’s unintelligible babbling, and I’m not sure it’s English, but again, I’m not going to do any in-person research.

Because again, I’m not stupid. Smart people stay away from the fog.

There are other phenomenon in the swamp, too, like the phantom lights that blink at night and the strange creatures no one can quite identify even on a third or fourth glance.  Supposedly, there’s a woman in white who walks Maple Street and if you let her into your car, in three days you’ll die within that same car.  Nine cases of that over the past fifty years.  I’ve never seen her myself, but I avoid Maple Street because I’ve seen enough of this town to know you don’t mess with its monsters.  And there are plenty of monsters.

Like Mary. And we all know about Mary.

–          Cody Jackson


Hillary MonahanAbout Hillary:

Hillary Monahan is Eva Darrows is also an international woman of mystery. Holed up in Massachusetts with three smelly basset hounds, she writes funny, creepy things for fun and profit.

You can visit Hillary around the web here: Website | Blog | Twitter

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MARY: The Summoning MARY: Unleashed



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About this Book:

Mary in the mirror.
Mary in the glass.
Mary in the water.

Mary lurks in the emptiness, in the darkness . . . in the reflection. That is, until Jess unleashes her into the world. Now Mary Worth is out and her haunting is deadlier than ever.

No one is safe.

Shauna, Kitty, and Jess must band together to unearth the truth about Mary’s death to put her soul to rest for good. Their search leads them back to where it all began-to Solomon’s Folly, a place as dangerous as the ghost who died there a century and a half ago. Quick sand, hidden traps and a phantom fog are the least of their worries. To stop Mary, they need to follow a dark string of clues and piece together a gruesome mystery that spans generations.

But time is running out.

As chilling facts come to light, Mary inches ever closer to her prey. Can Jess, Shauna, and Kitty break Mary’s curse before it’s too late? Or will history repeat itself until there is no one left to call her name . . . ?

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