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Fantastic Fables: Paranormal Edition, The Master List!

**Scroll down for a list of all events**

Hello My Darlings!

I am really excited to finally launch the Fantastic Fables: Paranormal Edition!

August will be a month to remember! With more than 70 featured authors, you will have a handful full of amazing stories and giveaways.

We’ve secured an amazing lineup of authors for the event and challenged them to take our favorite characters and immerse them in a well known fable, story, Disney movie, etc. How would it affect their world? What would their character do? For example, What if their character had been the Little Red Riding Hood?

This will be a great opportunity to see the characters you love in completely new ways and meet a few new ones who you’ll want to follow back to their own stories.

Starting tomorrow and until August 31st Tynga from Tynga’s Reviews and myself will present you the most fabulous authors releasing paranormal books this summer! So stay tuned for a bunch of treats!

I would also suggest you to show some love to all these very generous authors who made some room in their schedule to work with us and make this event possible.

Commenting on their fables is greatly appreciated!

To make sure you don’t miss anything, Tynga will keep a master sheet of all Fantastic Fables & Giveaways, including shipping restrictions (see at the end of this post)!

Here are some key guidelines you might keep in mind thorough the event.

-No limit on the number of unique giveaways you can win: You could potentially win a giveaway from each day. We won’t limit the number of giveaways each person can win.

-No requirements to enter giveaways: Although we greatly appreciate you following/subscribing to Dark Faerie Tales & Tynga’s Reviews, you aren’t required to in order to enter any of the giveaways.

Read Shipping Restrictions Carefully: Some are US only, Canada only, other US/Canada, other International. Please pay attention before you enter =)

-Giveaways end on September 7th: All the giveaways for FF starts on the day they are posted and end on September 7th.  All the winners will be announced on the blog on September 9th, make sure you come back to see if you won.

One extra entry: To have maximum exposure for our guests, we made it possible to earn one extra entry (not mandatory) for each giveaway by spreading the word. Put those twitter & facebook accounts to work!

*Please note this list is subject to change*

Date Fable Author Giveaway Restrictions Blog
1 Green, Chris Marie DFT
1 Chase, Ashlyn The Vampire Next Door x2 US & Canada Only TR
1 The Devil at the Crossroads Bennett, Jenn Kindling the Moon INT TR
2 Estep, Jennifer Touch of Frost US & Canada Only DFT
2 Armstrong, Kelley Spell Bound INT TR
2 Sommersby Young, Jennifer Sleight: Book One of the AVRA-K (ebook) INT TR
3 Meding, Kelly A signed copy of Another Kind of Dead DFT
3 Red Riding Hood Drake, Jocelynn Signed copies of Burn the Night x2 INT TR
4 Hayes, Erica DFT
4 Tbeke, Karin Signed Blood Law TR
5 Cremer, Andrea DFT
5 Laurie, Victoria Vision Impossible US Only TR
5 Robin Hood Stratford, Sarah Jane The Moonlight Brigade  x3 US and Canada only TR
6 Garvey, Amy A signed galley of Cold Kiss & 1 finished copy DFT
6 Red Riding Hood Frazier, Angie 1 winner receiving a copy of Everlasting and Eternal Sea US Only TR
7 McCorkle, Heather The Secret of Spruce Knoll DFT
7 Snow White and the Huntsman Gideon, Nancy Bound By Moonlight US Only TR
8 Hearne, Kevin Signed Hammered US & Canada DFT
8 Cinderella Ashwood, Sharon Frostbound x2 INT TR
8 Quinn, Devyn Darkness Descending x3 INT TR
9 Sleeping Beauty Holmes, Jeannie signed copy of Blood Secrets INT TR
10 Price, Kalayna Grave Dance DFT
10 Chance, Karen Hunt the Moon INT TR
10 Twelve Dancing Princess Hildenbrand, Heather ebook version of Across the Galaxy and a signed paperback of Dirty Blood TR
11 Malkin, Nina Swear x5 DFT
11 Three Little Pigs Sylvan, Dianne Signed Shadowflame INT TR
12 Henry, Christina DFT
12 Snow White Castle, Kendra Leigh Dark Awakening US/Can no PO TR
13 Weldon, Phaedra A copy of Revenant and Geist DFT
13 Harrington, Kim Clarity x2 US Only TR
14 Monk, Devon Dead Iron INT DFT
14 Three Little Pigs Gustainis, Justin Signed Sympathie for the Devil INT TR
15 Miles, Elizabeth Fury x5 US only DFT
15 Midas Touch Blackwell, Juliet signed Hexes and Hemlines US only TR
16 Jones, Darynda Jones DFT
16 Douglas, Kate Wolf Tales 12 INT TR
17 Faegan, Trinity signed The Mephisto Covenant and bookmarks DFT
17 Beauty and the Beast London, Laurie Embraced by Blood US & Canada only TR
18 McGuire, Seanan One Salt Sea DFT
18 Snow White Jewel, Carolyn My Dangerous Pleasure US/CAn no PO TR
19 Scott, M.J. DFT
19 Butcher, Shannon Signed Bloodhunt+ Costum jewelry INT TR
19 Mantchev, Lisa pb of Eyes Like Stars & Perchance to Dream TR
20 Durst, Sarah Beth Drink, Slay, Love x5 DFT
20 Humpty Dumpty Kogler, Jennifer Anne Signed The Death Catchers & One copy of Siren’s Cry INT TR
21 Miller, Kirsten All You Desire DFT
21 The Bear and the Travelers Littlefield, Sophie Signed copy of Rebirth US & Canada only TR
22 Pearce, Kate A copy of Blood of the Rose & 1 copy of Mark of the Rose DFT
22 Red Riding Hood Delany, Shannon TR
22 Frost, Jeaniene One Grave at a Time x2 INT TR
23 Holzner, Nancy DFT
23 Beauty and the Beast Desrochers, Lisa Original Sin x2 and swag INT TR
24 Griffith, Clay & Susan The Rift Walker x3 INT DFT
24 King Thrushbeard Kace, Angeline Kindle Skin + signed bookmark INT TR
25 Gray, Claudia Fateful DFT
25 Red Riding Hood Eden, Cythnia Never Cry Wolf x4 INT TR
26 Blake, Kendare Anna Dressed in Blood x2 US and Canada DFT
26 Cinderella Childs, Tera Lynn Forgive my Fins (1) & Fins are Forever (2) US & Canada TR
26 Murphy, CE Wayfinder INT TR
27 Stein, Jeanne A copy of Crossroads and Hexed Anthology DFT
27 Fairy Tale Chat Haines, Jess Deceived By The Others US & Canada TR
28 Lazellari, Edward Awakenings DFT
28 Livingston, Lesley Once Every Never x5 Canada Only TR
28 Oliver, Jana Signed Demon Trapper Daughter + swag Canada / US TR
29 Gay, Kelly Gay The Hour of Dust and Ashes US and Canada DFT
29 Sleeping Beauty Pineiro, Caridad The Lost US/CAN no PO TR
30 Holder, Nancy & Debbie Viguié 6 copies of Damned & 5 Crusade US only DFT
30 Tam Lin Lima, Maria A copy of Blood Sacrifice or reader’s choice of any one of the Blood Lines novels INT TR
30 Singh, Nalini Angel’s Blood INT TR
31 Jamieson, Trent The Business of Death US and Canada DFT
31 Jack the Giant-Killer Kittredge, Caitlin Devil’s Business INT TR

Feel free to grab our button to help us spread the word!

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