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The Remnant Chronicles Readalong

remnants readalong banner

It is that time again for us to post some special content about the amazing Remnant Chronicles. For this month Michelle and I teamed up to talk about the titles of the books and how they are so perfect for the series. I am going to discuss the kiss, heart, and beauty part of the title and Michelle will be discussing the deception, betrayal, and darkness parts!

Kiss, Heart, Beauty

First up is Kiss. This series has so many great kissing moments! Lia is one lucky girl and she gets to kiss a couple of hunky guys! I thought it might be kind of fun to share one of my favorites kissing moments with you!!!

I swallowed. He closed what gap was left between us, and I had to lift my chin to see him. He looked down at me. “Because ever since the first day I met you, I’ve gone to sleep every single night thinking about you, and every morning when I wake, my first thoughts are of you.” He stepped impossibly closer and lifted his hands, cupping my face, his touch so gentle it was barely there. “When I’m not with you, I wonder where you are. I wonder what you’re doing. I think about how much I want to touch you. I want to feel your skin, your hair, run every dark strand through my fingers. I want to hold you, your hands, your chin.” His face drew nearer, and I felt his breath on my skin. “I want to pull you close and never let you go,” he whispered.

We stood there, every second an eternity, and slowly our lips met, warm, gentle, his mouth soft against mine, his breaths becoming mine, and then just slowly, the perfect moment paused, and our lips parted again. –The Kiss of Deception


Doesn’t that just make your heart swoon!!!!

Next up is heart! This story contains so much heart and emotions in it that it’s hard not to love it! Lia’s character especially shows so much heart! She is so full of kindness and it amazes me how strong she is! Here is an example of her big heart:

Rage descended, so utter and complete that every part of me shook–my hands, my lips, my legs. My body was no longer my own. “Where?” I demanded. “Where is this quarterlord?” Aster told me he was the metalsmith at the entrance to the jehendra, then clapped her hands over her mouth. She pulled on my belt, trying to stop me as I stormed away, begging me not to go. I shook her loose. “Stay here!” I yelled. “All of you! Stay here!”

I knew exactly where the shop was. See me fly into rage, several of the women from the washing grounds followed after me, echoing Aster’s words, don’t go.

I found him standing in the center of his stall, polishing a tankard.

“You!” I said, pointing my finger in his face, forcing him to look at me. “If you ever so much as touch any child again, I will personally cut every limb from your worthless body and roll your ugly stop down the middle of the street. Do you understand?”

He looked at me, incredulous, and laughed. “I’m the quarterlord.” The back of his meaty hand shot up, and though I deflect it with my arm, the force of his blow still sent me sprawling. I fell against a table, tumbling the contents to the ground. Pain exploded through my head where it hit the table, but my blood raced so hot, I was on my feet in seconds, this time with Natiya’s knife in my hand. –The Heart of Betrayal


Lia is such a strong character and I just loved how no matter what the circumstances were she always stuck up for what was right and never cowarded against others.

Finally there is beauty! I feel like this entire story was such a beautiful journey. From the beginning I fell in love with the writing and the characters! The world Pearson created is gorgeous and so captivating! I am a lucky duck and I got to read The Beauty of Darkness a little early and you guys it was perfection! I enjoyed every minute of the amazing series and I’m so sad it has come to an end!!! I thought for this I would show you a picture of the Remnant Chronicles map because Pearson created such a beautiful world in this series.


Deception, Betrayal, Darkness

Hi guys, Michelle here. I have the great job of talking about Deception, Betrayal, and Darkness. They’re the darker parts of this trilogy, and is also the most alluring. Without these elements, the readers wouldn’t have the angst and anticipation that most of us are feeling!

First up is Deception. I feel that the basis of The Kiss of Deception is the deception itself. For a large portion of this story, we, the reader, do not know who the assassin or the prince are. As we read through the story, we discover who Lia was, who she is, and can predict who she will become. She encounters two boys, Kaden and Rafe. At first, both appear to be gentle and kind, but eventually, we find out more.

“I didn’t trust him. He was more than just the farmhand he claimed to be. His moves on that log were far too practiced. But practiced in what? And what hellish beast he rode – that wasn’t the average docile nag from a farm. He was also strangely deft at disposing of a body, as if he’d done it before, not the least bit hesitant as a rural bumpkin might be, unless his rural activities ran on the darker side. He could be a farmhand, but he was something else too. “


But that isn’t the only form of deception. There are layers of deception within the first book, and within the series itself. I feel Mary Pearson wove the mystery and deception very nicely, keeping the reader in suspense the entire time!

For Betrayal, I feel there are also different facets of the thought itself. Once we find out what happens in the end of The Kiss of Deception, it catapults into a faster paced story. We see the characters grow, as well as harden from what they’ve all had to face up to this point. The Heart of Betrayal is all about the fear of where the betrayal comes itself.  It isn’t from the enemies, but from those closest to Lia. And those betrayals bring the biggest tug of those heart strings.

“It was going to take many acts, not just one, every step renegotiated. Lies would have to be told. Confidences gained. Ugly lines crossed. All of it patiently woven together, and patience wasn’t my strong suit.

But first, more than anything, I had to find a way to make my heart stop pummeling my chest. Find my breath. Appear calm. Fear was the blood scent for wolves. The curious inched closer, peering at me with half-open mouths that revealed rotten teeth. Were they amused or sneering?”


Without reading The Beauty of Darkness, I can only speculate what it will entail.

For me, darkness represents a lot to do with Lia as a character. I predict that Lia will become this amazing heroine, filled with strength and self-assurance. How she will step into this role of responsibility for her country, while she was previously only concerned for herself. I predict that she will not fight for herself, what she believes in, and her future. Above all, the darkness is the death of something that she once was. There’s a darkness that comes with strength and bravado. The innocence dies, and the veil that sheltered Lia is lifted. There is ugliness and horror in her world, and Lia must dig deep within herself. 



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