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I Belong

Review: Soul Weaver by Hailey Edwards

Title: Soul Weaver

Author: Hailey Edwards

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Series: Wicked Kin (Book 1)

Publication Date: August 7, 2012

Format: Paperback, 336 Pages

ISBN-10: 1455573914 (Forever/Hachette)

ISBN-13: 978-1455573912 (Forever/Hachette)

Reviewed by: Kristie


Since the accident that nearly took her life, Chloe suffers from acute agoraphobia. Living alone above her family’s bookstore, she spends restless nights terrified by strange visions . . . until a mysterious stranger appears and offers her salvation. Chloe is drawn to the ethereal, gorgeous Nathaniel-but her haunted soul warns her there is more to him than meets the eye.

An archangel who roams Earth collecting souls of the newly departed, Nathaniel is the sole witness to the accident that should have taken Chloe’s life. Seduced by the purity of her soul, he defies Providence by saving her life. But his attempt at kindness marks Chloe for damnation, and makes her an unwitting pawn in a game of unholy ambition. Now together they must fight the demons of Hell itself-for a love that defies the boundaries of Heaven and Earth.

Quick & Dirty: A strange romance and a different take on soul reapers may either leave you shaking your head or enjoying the romance for what it is.

Opening Sentence: Soft snores carried from the darkness on Nathaniel’s right.

Excerpt: No

The Review:

Soul Weaver offers up a different take on the grim/soul collector mythology. The story begins with Nathaniel as he is collecting a soul. It is not an entirely pretty process with the victim pleading to live. When he leaves he comes across an accident involving a woman with a beautiful soul. The only problem is he only takes bad/damned souls and no angels are coming for the woman’s soul. She has developed no attachments to the world so her soul is blind to them. So Nathan does the only thing he can think of – save her life – even though he risks his own in the process.

Chloe knows she should have died in the car wreck. Soon after she begins to have debilitating nightmares of a strange man ripping souls from people. She is oblivious to the fight for her own soul. These nightmares and the accident have triggered Chloe’s agoraphobia. She no longer leaves home and she has trust issues. Chloe also really needs help running the bookstore her parents owned – conveniently run below her apartment – so she seeks help. Neve answers the help wanted ad. She is a strong willed young woman with secrets of her own and she helps Chloe in ways that Chloe never would have thought possible. And then another mysterious stranger shows up at her door offering help that she just can’t refuse.

Nathaniel didn’t realize the damage he would cause Chloe and her now damned soul. He was hoping an attachment with Neve would help Chloe’s soul ascend to heaven. Chloe and Nathan each feel an attraction for the other but believe that acting on it would go nowhere. Chloe doesn’t want to burden him with her phobias and Nathan has been forbidden from human love and attraction.

Soul Weaver is told from Nathan, Chloe and few other soul collectors’ third person point of views. The grim/soul collectors in Soul Weaver are quite different. They only take damned souls while angels come to take the pure and attached souls. There is a hierarchy of jobs and an interesting take on their wings hence the “weaver” title. I will say that I am a little confused as to why soul collecting was the way it is, how come Chloe’s soul was unattached when she had parents even though they had already passed on?.

This novel is an interesting paranormal romance with some good and bad parts. If you don’t mind a virgin love interest in a self-imposed cage, then you may like Chloe. She does knock down some walls in her psyche as the story goes and she is definitely not the same person that she starts out as. There is some action but most of the tension in this novel involves Chloe working through her misgivings and Nathan figuring out how to save her. There was one thing that did baffle me about the story. I figured Chloe was dreaming of Nathan, since she had a part of his soul in her but she didn’t react to him when she first saw him. I thought she had either been dreaming about his past exploits or she could see him as he was now when he collected. I was quite surprised when that wasn’t the case.

Overall, if you like your novels a little different then you may want to give Soul Weaver a try. I enjoyed the otherworld mythology enough that I would give a second novel in this series a try.

Notable Scene:

The skin covering her palms and knees hissed and crackled. The ground burned so hot, she jumped to her feet and cried out as she blistered. The stench of flesh roasting on her bones made her gorge rise.

White light brought her head around in time to see Saul tumble through the portal after her.

“Clever girl.” His teeth flashed in the darkness. “I underestimated you.”

Vicious snarls rang out from below at the sound of his voice. She had the sick feeling wherever they were was very, very high and whatever made those sounds was very, very hungry.

He lunged forward and Chloe dove aside as the portal’s light flickered. She skidded across the scorched ground as a scream rose in her throat, met with the heated air, and dissolved.

Saul lunged a second time and she rolled away, blinking back tears as her forearms burned. The pain blinded her senses until a split-second’s relief cooled her flesh as her body whistled through air and she fell. Their portal closed and took the faint light with it.

Impact stole her breath when she hit the ground. She gasped as Saul straddled her waist. Wind stirred by his wings blew sweltering sand into her eyes as his rough hands cupped her jaw.

“I never considered the side effects your bond with Nathaniel would have.” He studied the shears in her hand. “Whatever he did to bind your souls has enabled you to use his shears. They must recognize that part of him in you, which means they can feed off your soul as well.” His eyes glittered. “That means with your soul in my possession, the shears will obey me. I won’t need my brother’s cooperation.” He cast Chloe a pitying look. “I’m afraid I won’t be needing your body, either.”

Wicked Kin:

1. Soul Weaver

FTC Advisory: Forever Yours/Grand Central Publishing/Hachette Book Group provided me with a copy of Soul Weaver. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.

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