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Spooky Legends: Cat Adams (Guest Post & Giveaway)

Cat Adams is here today with more great characters as we continue with the Spooky Legends event. Cathy’s latest release is Siren Song, which is the second book in the Blood Singer series.  Want to know more about the series?

Professional bodyguard Celia Graves lives in an alternate California where vampires stalk the alleys at night, werewolves are dangerous animals to be feared and the police have witches and telepaths to help do their job. Of course, so do the criminals. Formerly a vanilla human, Celia was attacked by a master vampire determined to make her his own. He failed. But he left his mark on her life by turning her into an Abomination—half human and half vampire. He instilled in her a hunger for blood, the inability to eat solid food and an allergy to sunlight. The bite also activated a bloodline she didn’t know existed. She became a full fledged Pacific siren whose psychic call influences men and women. The Feds want her help, the cops want her imprisoned and the criminals want her dead.

You can read an excerpt of Blood Song and Siren Song by clicking on the links.  Cathy is here to tell us all about the Bigfoot urban legend and giveaway an autographed copy of SIREN SONG.  As always, details are listed below.

**Visit All Things Urban Fantasy today for her Spooky Legends Guest blog with Amanda Marrone and a chance to win SLAYED**

Meeting Bigfoot

by Cathy Clamp

“So you’re telling me Bigfoot is real?” No doubt Lucas could hear the disbelief in my voice. I don’t know why it was a surprise. So many other of the legends, myths and nightmares of my childhood had been proven fact. But Bigfoot? I expected to hear next which Loch I could find Nessie in. “So he’s a Sazi?”

The head of Wolven shrugged and moved aside another pine branch that threatened to hit us both in the face. “We accept him as a Sazi. He’s not precisely the same. The moon magic doesn’t call to him the same. It’s more a calling of the forest for him. It literally calls to him—pulls the beast from inside. It’s why he lives in the middle of freaking nowhere. Give me a hand here, Tony.” He cursed again as he stepped on a log and the rotten wood under the blanketing snow gave way, trapping  his calf. I helped him pull it free so we could travel deeper into the forest beneath the looming Mount St. Helens. It rose above us into the night sky and made me feel both closed in and insanely free. “Man, I hate trying to get to him now that I’m not a wolf.”

“So it’s true.” The growling bass to my left made my hand reach for my Sig Sauer on my hip. I turned my eyes to where a face should be but all I saw was a massive, hairy stomach. I looked up, and up, and there, over a yard above me, was the face of a monster. “Lucas. You’re . . . human.” He sniffed the air again and looked . . . sad.

Lucas shrugged one shoulder, causing  his long black hair to catch on a branch. “Afraid so, Harry. Maybe not forever, but for now.” He let out a wry chuckle. “But at least I’m not a snake yet. Or did you hear about that?”

Harry? You must be joking. But now the Sasquach grinned, showing snow white molars mixed with sharp fangs—sort of like a large gorilla, except that the fangs were longer than my index finger. “I’ll bet Ahmad is praying to his Babylonian gods for the day that happens. He would love nothing better than to make you bow and scrape at his feet” He held out a hand that could not only palm a basketball, but possibly a basketball player. “Come. Let’s get you out of this cold. You don’t have your wolf fur anymore to keep you warm.”

We wound up in a cave deep in the mountain where the volcanic gases kept the room a comfy eighty, defying the frigid air outside. “I’ll bet this was a dicey place to be during the eruption.”

Harry nodded. “It would have been but I knew it was coming. The forest speaks to me and told me when the time was to leave. I led many of my forest creatures to safety. Not all could get away but many were spared.” Interesting how he said that—my forest creatures. So he was as the Native Americans claim, a beneficent protector. “So, why has my old friend come to see me, and who is this new wolf?”

Lucas sighed and I tensed. This was going to be the tricky part because he was here officially. We both were. Right now, I’m sort of the enforcer-slash-partner for Lucas. Even though he’s human, the Chief Justice of the Council has refused to make him step down as head of Wolven, the shifter law enforcement agency. Except the people we have to arrest . . . or take down permanently, are all the baddest of the bad of the supernatural crowd. Lucas insists he can do it regardless of whether he’s the top dog. I tend to agree. He’s getting quicker and better with weapons and they will work against Sazi. I’d proved that. “This is Tony Giodone. He’s the newest addition to Wolven. And I’m still head of the agency. Which is why I’m here.”

Harry got an odd look on his face and his scent turned into an odd mix—humor, shame, shock, blended with fear and then anger. A heady cocktail that nearly made me sneeze.  “So you’re here . . . to punish me? You think you still can?” He sat fully upright and his head brushed the top of the cavern. “Even on your best day, at your old strength, you would struggle and you know it.”

Lucas’s brown eyes went steely. They might not glow with magic anymore but he was still a tough s.o.b. “If I must, I still can. Trust me. Tony and I are a match for anyone, including the council. But I’m hoping I won’t have to. I’m here to get your side of the story first. I’m here to ask if there are more of you now? We’ve left you alone for centuries, at your request, but now there are more sightings, more evidence of your existence. There’s even a Discovery Channelneed to be considering punishment?” special about the hunt for you because local papers are reporting more run-ins with townspeople. Tell me the truth, Harry. Do I

They stared, or more precisely glared at each other while my hand started to cramp on the butt of my new P229 SCT. The bullets were silver tipped .40s, with extra powder in the handloads but I honestly didn’t know if fourteen would be enough if push came to shove with this guy. But thankfully, Harry blinked first. “Probably. But I hope you won’t. There’s a reason.”

Lucas merely waited, seemingly comfortable. His scent proved it out. He was okay with whatever happened. “Go ahead.”

“There’s a woman.” I nearly laughed. Really. The more I do this job, the more I realize it’s always about a woman. Somewhere in the background. “Her family grew up with the land, from the mist of time where we might have been related. She’s Makah, and a biologist. Carolyn came looking for me.” He paused and if he wasn’t covered with so much hair, I’d swear he was blushing. “She found me.”

Lucas’s jaw dropped. “You are kidding me! After all these centuries, you’ve decided to settle down? Can you even breed with humans?”

Now there was a very male, possessive look in  his eye. “It appears so. Who knew?”

Now the Wolven chief’s jaw set and I realized he was smelling of both anger and resignation. “So you’re telling me there are going to be more of you? Is she pregnant? Do you really think that’s fair . . . to force a human woman to carry one of your young? I can’t imagine you’re born human size.”

“She’s not pregnant, and there’s no telling whether she ever could. But we are born normal size.” He paused. “I will have this, Lucas. We’re being as careful as we can. I’m happy and if that means coming out of the forest on occasion, so be it. But even the Council cannot insist I not try. This is my territory, ceded to me in the original great treaty of the Sazi. I can breed if I choose. I don’t want to have to enforce my borders but I will.” Now his eyes were flashing and although he didn’t smell of anger, there was cold metal determination in his eyes, and his scent.

Well, hell. I took the semi-auto out of the holster and eased it into my lap—comfortable but easy to use.  “So now what?” I finally joined the conversation, not because I was really needed but because someone had to break the growing silence.

Harry’s eyes turned to me, apparently realizing for the first time I was worthy of notice. “Now you leave. I have given my promise to be more cautious but you really have no authority here. Lucas, I appreciate everything you’ve given to our kind. You’ve protected me and others like me—who exist on the fringe of your society and have treated me with honesty and respect. But we are not alike and I have to find my own way.”

Lucas nodded once, a gesture of respect. “We’ll have to disagree I don’t have authority here. Wolven has authority over all who signed the treaty. That was one of the agreements. If you acknowledge the treaty at all, you accept all of it. Remember, I was there too.”

Yeah, Lucas is that old. The massive man-ape let out a low growl that both acknowledged the truth and refused to accept it. But then I had a thought that might fix things. “Aren’t there some islands off the coast around here? Uninhabited ones? Could you buy one? I mean, if you had some help from the Council? I mean, this is a nice cave as caverns go, but I’d imagine it’s tough to hang pretty curtains in for a nursery.”

He blinked. Then Lucas blinked. Then they looked at each other and started to grin. Their scent was citrus-y with amusement. “Your own private getaway.”

“With tall cliffs and frightening sounds that would make sure nobody would want to sail next to it. Carolyn could buy it in her name and probably get a grant to study some sea mammal or another. Yes . . . that could be a solution. Would the Council accept it?”

Lucas nodded. “I think I could convince them it would benefit them. If we combined some adjustment of your territory boundaries—”

Harry nodded. “Some. But not too much. I might need . . . training grounds again to teach young ones to avoid humans. Thank you, young wolf. The mystery of the Sasquach can remain that with this solution.”

Cool. Let the legend live, and multiply.

Author Bio:

Cathy Clamp is a USA Today bestselling author (along with co-author C.T. Adams) of the Tales of the Sazi paranormal romance series. This story is told from the point of view of one of the recurring heroes of that series, Tony Giodone. In addition to the Sazi, the writing team has a vampire series—The Thrall and a new urban fantasy series, The Blood Singer. Book 1 of the Blood Singer, BLOOD SONG, was released in June, 2010 and Book 2, SIREN SONG, is out this month, both as trade paperback and all e-formats. A terrific Young Adult paranormal short story (which might be the prologue to an awesome new novel!) is FREE at Cathy also will have two additional releases. A horror novelette called ERROR 404-PAGE FOUND releases from Keith Publications this month and a short story in an anthology called CHICKS IN CAPES releases from Moonstone Press in November. DEMON SONG, the third book of The Blood Singer comes out in March, 2011.

You can visit Cathy around the web here: WebsiteTwitter | MySpace | The Witchy Chicks

Synopsis (Product Description):

Body Guard Celia Graves plies her trade in a world where vampires roam the alleys of Tinseltown, street-corner psychics have real powers, and cops use memory-enhancement spells.

A recent vampire attack made her an Abomination-and she was still adjusting to this new “lifestyle” when she discovered that the vampire attack awakened a hidden part of her heritage. It seems Celia is part Siren, able to enthrall men…and enrage women…without half trying.

She’s been summoned to the Sirens’ island for what might be a battle to the death-assuming she’s not killed before she can make the trip.

Celia Graves has more than one enemy. Some of them want her blood. Some of them want her soul. All of them want her dead.


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  1. Judy CoxNo Gravatar

    Interesting tale of Bigfoot!!

    I have not read any of this series! It looks like I would enjoy it!! I will check it out! Thanks!

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    Sweet story. Can’t wait to read this series!

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  3. Ruth ThompsonNo Gravatar

    Having lived in Bigfoot county CA. I love bigfoot stories.

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    I can’t help but think of that movie Harry and the Hendersons :)

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  5. Heather DanielsNo Gravatar

    Thanks for the chance! cool blog

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  6. MarkNo Gravatar

    I thought Blood Song was fantastic, and I’m sure Siren Song will be just the same.

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  7. Agustin LopezNo Gravatar

    Bigfoot can’t wait to read

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  8. Roger DemingNo Gravatar

    great artwork.Makes the contents of the book come alive when reading

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    Come and check out my blog of GIVEAWAYS!!

    ***posted this giveaway on my blog

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