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Supernatural Smack Down: Sylvia Day’s Adrian Mitchell


Finals: Fighting for DFT – Adrian Mitchell

Adrian Mitchell vs. Ash

Remember to check out Parajunkee’s View site and choose wisely…tweet #SuperSmack

Name: Adrian Mitchell

Book Series: Renegade Angels

Job: Captain of the Sentinels, an elite special ops team of seraphim tasked with punishing the Fallen

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 200lbs (minus wing weight)

Hair Color: black

Eye Color: flame-blue

From (Location): presently headquartered in Orange County, CA

Significant Other: Lindsay Gibson/Shadoe

Signature Move: lashing out with his wings, which are impervious to mortal weapons and feature razor-sharp tips that slice like blades

Kill Highlights: ripping beating hearts straight out of the chest cavity, decapitation, evisceration, limb severing, mind warping

Enemies: Syre, Captain of the Fallen and leader of the vampires

Favorite Pastime: flying (via his wings or with state-of-the-art aircraft–he heads a cutting-edge aeronautics corporation) and seducing Lindsay–preferably both at the same time.

Other Facts: Aside from giving up Lindsay, there’s nothing Adrian won’t do to complete his mission–misdirection, torture, twisting minds into insanity, death… The ends always justify the means.

I remember quite vividly how I came to be here at this Supernatural Smackdown. I was working in my home office when Damien showed my visitor in. I glanced up briefly, intending to tell Ms. Day that I didn’t have time for her that afternoon when the brilliant red of her pants caught my eye. Flannel, I noted, before looking out the window at the beautiful Southern California weather. I returned my attention to her as she helped herself to one of the chairs facing my desk. My gaze narrowed and I tried to figure out what the atrocious pattern on her pants was.

Frosty the Snowman, I realized with more than a little horror. The woman had come to see me in her pajamas.

“Ms. Day,” I said, leaning back. “I know you spend an inordinate amount of time occupied with writing your books, but surely someone told you it’s September.”

She blew a stray strand of hair out of her face. “I know what month it is, Adrian. That’s why I’m here.”

I took in the haphazard way she’d clipped up her hair and the lack of makeup, and sighed inwardly. She could be moderately attractive when she chose to be. Apparently, I wasn’t worth the effort. “Well, fill me in, then. I’m busy.”

“Don’t take that tone with me,” she retorted, foolishly believing I wouldn’t hurt her if I had to. She’s always been too confident because I sought her out. She probably thinks that means I need her. “You have an appointment, and if you don’t leave now you’ll be late. They’ve already emailed and asked where you are.”

Setting my elbows on the armrests of my chair, I steepled my fingertips together, as if in prayer. I do occasionally make an attempt to update the Creator on the status of my mission, but it’s been a very long time since he’s paid any attention to me.

“I’m never late,” I reminded her. “At least not when I’m aware I need to be somewhere.” She, however, is rarely on time. In the nearly two years we’ve been working together, I’ve waited on her countless times.

“Don’t tell me you forgot the Supernatural Smackdown. I know Lindsay reminded you.”

The event sounded vaguely familiar. My head fell back into the headrest as I thought about it. “Ah, yes. I remember now.”

“Good. Now, go kick some ass.”

I savored the savage rush of bloodlust. I’d been agitated for days and was still working on seducing Lindsay Gibson into my bed. With sex not yet an option, a death match was the second best stress reliever.

“I know that look,” Ms. Day said with narrowed eyes. “Don’t forget this is an exhibition match. No killing.”

I stilled. “Beg your pardon?”

“You can’t kill anyone. It’s just for sport.”

“Oh, no,” I crooned softly, pushing leisurely to my feet. “If you think I’m going to put on a show for you, you’re as mistaken as I was when I came to you with my story instead of Kresley Cole or J.R. Ward.”

She tried to hide it, but she pouted a little. “That was mean. It wasn’t easy working with you, you know. I did my best. I’ve never worked harder on a book.”

I rounded my desk with an unwelcome twinge of contrition. For all her faults and foibles, she wasn’t half-bad as far as mortals went. There were times I found myself… liking her. “I’m sorry.”

She blinked. “Oh my god, I have to write the date and time down for posterity.”

The moment of affection faded as quickly as it had come. “Send Lindsay.”

“I can’t.”

“Why not? She’s an expert with knives, a brilliant marksman, and she’s too fearless for her own good. She’ll have a blast.”

“I love Lindsay,” Ms. Day said. “I would’ve broken you two up if I didn’t.”

I was infuriated by the mere thought and my wings materialized in a visible manifestation of my irritation. They emerged as ephemeral wisps of smoke before solidifying into alabaster feathers with crimson tips. I stretched them out, flexing them to shake off my increasingly volatile mood.

“See?” she breathed, her gaze soft and dreamy. “That’s why you have to go.”

I snapped my fingers in front of her face. “Ms. Day. Focus, please. Mortals aren’t supposed to know we’re here among them, remember?”

“This is a special circumstance. Everyone’s coming out of the woodwork for this event. They’re all showing off their signature moves. You’ve got to show them how you deflect bullets with those beautiful wings. And how they spin around you so fluidly, like a cape, when you’re in battle.”

“I’m not a sideshow amusement. Find someone else. Or let me kill something. Your choice.”

She looked at me with compassion I didn’t want. “You don’t how much longer you’ll have those,” she said gently. “Not now that you’re with Lindsay.”

There was no need to say more. I knew what I risked by loving a mortal, but I wouldn’t change how I felt about Lindsay even if I’d been given the option to. She was everything to me. The reason I pushed through every day and looked forward to every night. The reason I might one day lose my wings.

“All right,” I said, holding out a hand. “Give me the address.”

So here I am. Who’s ready to get wing-slapped?


About Sylvia:

Sylvia Day (aka S. J. Day and Livia Dare) is the national bestselling, award-winning author of a dozen novels written across multiple sub-genres, under multiple pen names–three! A wife and mother of two, she is a former Russian linguist for the U.S. Army Military Intelligence. Sylvia’s work has been called an “exhilarating adventure” by Publishers Weekly and “wickedly entertaining” by Booklist. Her stories have been translated into Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Czech, Italian, and Thai. She’s been honored with the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award, the EPPIE award, the National Readers’ Choice Award, the Readers’ Crown, and multiple finalist nominations for Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA Award of Excellence.

You can visit Sylvia around the web here: Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook

Want to read more from Sylvia Day?

Ask For It Passion for the Game A Passion for Him Don't Tempt MePleasures of the Night Heat of the NightA Touch of Crimson


This giveaway is provided by Penguin/Signet

Five winners will each receive a copy of A Touch of Crimson by Sylvia Day

Five winners will each receive a copy of the Men Out of Uniform Anthology

Available on October 4, 2011 from Penguin/Signet

About the Book:

An angel with immense power and insatiable desire, Adrian Mitchell leads an elite Special Ops unit of the seraphim. His task is to punish the Fallen–angels who have become vampires–and command a restless pack of indentured lycans.

But Adrian has suffered his own punishment for becoming involved with mortals–losing the woman he loves again and again. Now, after nearly two hundred years, he has found her: Shadoe, her soul once more inhabiting a new body that doesn’t remember him. This time he won’t let her go.

With no memory of her past as Shadoe, Lindsay Gibson knows only that she can’t help being fiercely attracted to the smoldering, seductive male who crosses her path. Swept into a dangerous world of tumultuous passion and preternatural conflict, Lindsay is soon caught between her angel lover, her vampire father, and a full-blown lycan revolt. There’s more at stake than her love and her life–she could lose her very soul…

Click HERE to read an excerpt

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Available on October 4, 2011 from Penguin/Berkley

About the Book:

The hottest thing about a man in uniform is imagining him out of it…

They may enforce the rules, but when men in uniform are off duty and under the covers, they’re experts at breaking them. In this searingly sexy anthology, popular authors Maya Banks, Sylvia Day, and Karin Tabke present men in uniform–unzipped…

In Maya Banks‘s Soul Possession, Jessie spends a hot night with two sexy-as-sin detectives, only to be accused of murder the very next day. But when Jessie becomes the target of a serial killer, her two detectives will risk everything to have her back in their arms–and in their bed…

It’s time for protected witness Layla Creed to come out of hiding and take the stand in Taking the Heat by Sylvia Day. Layla has only three days to reconnect with federal marshal Brian Simmons–and slake the white-hot lust that has simmered between them for years…

Karin Tabke‘s Wanted follows the X-rated exploits of bad-boy cop Colin Daniels and the soon-to-be-ex-wife of a mob boss. He’s been hired to guard her body, but it drives him to distraction instead, putting his career–and his life–on the line…

Click HERE to read an excerpt

Pre-Order from


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53 Responses to “Supernatural Smack Down: Sylvia Day’s Adrian Mitchell

  1. Lisa RichardsNo Gravatar

    This was a tough choice. So far it’s pretty much 50-50. Love the covers.

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  2. Maria D.No Gravatar

    Adrian seems like a very interesting character and I love the cover for “Touch of Crimson”…yum!

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  3. Jennifer KallhoffNo Gravatar

    Voted for Adrian XD

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